Cyprus is a country with an oenological tradition, where wine represents, from a cultural anthropological point of view, much more than a drink, both on a daily social level, as well as in the symbolic, economic, identity and heritage of our country. Nevertheless, wine among young people is considered an occasional drink, although this has started to change slowly. Its path will depend on the communication strategies for the wine and its personality as an attractive, interesting and differentiated drink.

Young people as a group interested in the vine-wine sector understand wine as an occasional drink, good for mixing with other drinks, suitable for celebrations, suitable for the elderly and very knowledgeable about wines. Most young people who consume wine instead of other drinks consider issues such as calorie intake, low alcohol content, type of flavors, bottle labels and easy opening and closing systems.

The communication strategy with young people should contain stories about the vines, the grape and the wine for its appreciation as a different cultural drink. It must be done through our music, history, tradition, identity and cultural heritage. To exploit the resources of the creative and cultural industries, as well as technology. Young people search for information on the internet about wine-related activities and take into account the reviews made by other people.

A key condition in the strategy is wine tourism, which with events concerning young people such as concerts, theaters, culinary events, themed tastings in wineries and vineyards, can bring them together and discover another face of wine than what they think. A world that will lead them to unique experiences and pleasures.