I have always believed that Descartes, Leibniz and Spinoza were wrong with their philosophical direction (rationalism) which accepts logical thinking as the guide and starting point of knowledge. For better or worse, humans are more emotional than rational and that is exactly why we seek to experience, to feel, to experience things for ourselves.

In our age, the age of information, technology and interaction, this is more true than ever.

The big challenge facing wineries today is to understand the challenges of the season and find ways to turn consumers into fans and make them emotionally identify with their wines. And probably the most effective way to achieve this is to create a complete experience for the consumer that will make them feel and remember.

My point is that this is not that difficult. And the way for the consumer to live a complete experience is none other than wine tourism. The wineries themselves tend to be in wonderful settings, surrounded by beautiful vineyards, which, throughout their cycles, reward us with a jumble of colors that vary throughout the year through which nature appears in all her glory.

The world of wine lends itself to telling stories, because inside every bottle except the wine, as I often say, there are many dreams, emotion, longing and, above all, a lot of passion.