As wine lovers, we know very well what wine tourism is. But do we know what ecotourism is, which includes our favorite wine activity?

In recent years, ecotourism is gaining followers among tourists around the world.

This mode of travel is very closely related to rural tourism and wine tourism and can be the perfect complement to our vacation plans. It is a way to know the destination of our travels from a philosophy of respect for the environment, but also for the cultural heritage and natural wealth of the region.

Ecotourism (Ecological Tourism) is a way of traveling responsibly, considering not only our enjoyment, but that this enjoyment is compatible with care and respect for the natural environment of the place we are visiting. In addition, ecotourism is characterized by the choice of natural spaces for the development of outdoor activities, the ability to observe and appreciate the richness of the environment and its importance as a tourist engine. It integrates us with the community of the area we are visiting, and makes us involved in the knowledge of the area, its traditions, customs and cultural heritage.

The main objective of this mode of travel is to minimize the negative impacts of tourism activity on the natural environment and local residents and their communities.

The practice of ecotourism can include many different activities, as long as they comply with the ethical requirements of respecting nature and minimizing the impact of the tourist activity on the environment and its inhabitants. Some of the many activities we could include in an ecotourism trip are:

Hiking, which allows us to get to know natural environments in a respectful manner with nature and to practice outdoors.

Outdoor adventure sports like rafting, canoeing, cycling, climbing, horse riding etc.

Carrying out cultural tours

Wine tourism and culinary tourism