The growing sector of wine tourism goes beyond simply visiting a winery and tasting its wines. It is an experience aimed at getting to know the wine-producing regions and the aspects that identify them, such as their traditions, culture, landscapes and gastronomy. In simple words, it is an experiential and creative tourism that allows us to enjoy wine holistically with all five senses.

Below are a few reasons why we should do wine tourism.

  1. Accommodation in areas near wineries and vineyards. Many wineries offer unforgettable experiences beyond a simple visit and tasting of their wines. Staying in the area we have the opportunity to walk in the nature and in the vineyards of the wineries, visit restaurants, and learn more about the area and the culture.
  2. Drinking wine is sexy. Therefore, wine tourism makes us super sexy. Maybe it’s because of the rosy color our cheeks get when we drink it, or because of the wavy curves of the glass it’s served in, the view of the vineyards that changes our mood… It’s clear that wine is a very sensual drink.
  3. Knowing where, how wine is made and what its characteristics are makes us enjoy and appreciate more every sip of this wonderful drink.
  4. Because we contribute to the agricultural and socio-economic development of the area we visit.
  5. Because it makes us happy. Wherever we are, whatever time it is, there will always be a reason to drink some wine.