In recent years, wine tourism has been increasing and has become an important source of income for large wineries.
Despite the fact that most travel for tasting, visits to wineries just for tasting are declining. The reason is the change in the behavior of wine lovers. Now we have a wine lover who no longer visits the winery just for their wine, but for the experience.

According to the 2019 Wine Industry Report, the older generation prefers to stay in a luxury hotel and visit only a few wineries while the younger generations don’t have as much money, so they only visit one or two wineries that have lower tasting fees or those that they offer the best experience.

Younger and older generations are now looking for different experiences. While in the past, tasting was the only experience the wine lover wanted, this is no longer the case. Wine tasting and better hospitality are no longer enough to increase winery sales.

According to the 2019 Wine Industry Report, younger generations are looking for an experience along with their food or drink, so wineries will have to find a way to offer unique experiences to wine consumers. Prepare to offer interesting and diverse tasting events and winery tours, and other experiences such as winery restaurants, offering yoga on their premises, cycling among the vineyards, wine and food matching sessions, etc.

In Cyprus, several wineries have already started and are adapting to the new requirements of wine lovers and offer more than a simple tasting. We are on the right track.